Jaw pain

Has this been happening to you too?

If you ask any gathering of people to raise their hand if they experience jaw pain or clicking you will be amazed at how many hands go up in the air. You may be one of them!

Date & Times

  • Date

    September 24th, 2023

  • Live class times

    9:00am - 12:00pm
    lunch 12:00 - 1:00pm
    1:00 - 5:00pm

  • Important

    You will need a "patient" for the afternoon live class
    Review the online portion prior to the live classes.

You are UNSURE if you are being specific enough in treating the TMJ. You are INTIMIDATED about working inside someones mouth. You know a little about treating the jaw but want to become more effective and a MASTER.

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, then this online course is for you.

What will you learn?


Achieve MEASURABLE and RAPID results easily in a few treatments.

Treat over 27 muscles INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY that influence the way the jaw functions.

Carry out 4 objective measurements of the temporomandibular joint’s range of motion.

Master landmarking and treating over 20 muscles of the scalp, mouth, jaw, tongue and throat.

Influence pain levels and dry mucosa by way of treatment the sphenopalatine ganglion.

Suppress the gag reflex to enable easier treatment within the mouth using temple tapping.

Practice repositioning the mandible and articular disc by active and passive mobilizations.

Design your client/patient homecare from 10 specific interventions including coordination and proprioception re-education, jaw remedial exercises, somatic therapy and self intervention.

 Explain what causes and maintains the clicking in the jaw by a detailed exploration into the functional anatomy or the temporomandibular joints.

Distinguish between a joint and muscular problem with the TMJ.

Identify and treat the dysfunctional side of the jaw.

Describe movement and postural factors that may be causing or contributing to your client/patient’s TMJ problems.

Recognise the causes of TMJ disorders and how other disorders can mimic and/or overlap TMJ problems.

Stretch your comfort level to include intra-oral treatments by increasing your confidence.

Remove doubt when talking to clients/patients about what is happening to their jaw when you understand yourself.

Less fear of people gagging or doing something wrong when working inside a mouth.

Pleasure of understanding what is going on and what to do about it with increased comprehension of the structure and function of the TMJ.

Realize the gratifying feeling of a client/patient having confidence that you can help them with their pain and dysfunctional TMJ.

Appreciate you are offering a treatment that goes beyond other therapist’s skill levels that can increase your referral rates.


Plus MORE...

Is this course right for me?


This is what you will feel at the end of the course:

CONFIDENCE working inside the mouth, with the tongue and in the throat.

Less FEAR of causing gagging or doing something wrong.

PLEASURE of understanding what is going on and what to do about it.

KNOWING you are doing something that not many other therapists can DO WELL.

You can INTEGRATE this into your practice no matter the type of work you do, deep tissue, fascial, Swedish or osteopathic. You can do as much or as little TMJ work per session as you deem necessary.

Increase client confidence


37 tips for clients/patients to follow to increase your effectiveness in treating the jaw.

7 self treatment methods recommended by the pros.

Have Clients book appointments


Not only will your patients/clients continue to rebook for subsequent appointments, they will tell their dentists and doctors about you, increasing your practice through word of mouth referrals!

Learn to Master the TMJ


Achieve MEASURABLE and RAPID results easily in a few treatments. Treat over 27 muscles INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY that influence the way the jaw functions.


Before the actual date of the live ZOOM webinar there are a few things to complete:

  • Have a "patient" for the live webinar to practice "hands-on".

  • Go through the online course and watch the videos prior to the live webinar

  • Create a free ZOOM account

  • Update your ZOOM player BEFORE the class!



Lead Instructor

Robert Hackwood

A Registered Massage Therapist since 1992, Robert Hackwood - Dynamic Therapist - brings the success of his hands-on treatment and courses to the online arena in a state-of-the-art online program that all therapists can benefit from, regardless of their location. Robert explains:" Therapists can improve outcomes with less wear and tear. These courses help you to work smarter and easier so you can stand apart." Therapists can complete the training in the privacy of their own homes at a pace that works for them, saving time and money.

Robert has been involved with teaching Massage Therapy skills for over 25 years, including Muscle Energy Technique, Craniosacral in several forms, Neuromuscular Therapy, Assessment, Osteopathic Techniques, and more. He has been a teaching assistant for several instructors offering continuing education, taught in 3 different Massage Therapy Colleges, written articles and been involved in the running of the Massage Therapy profession in British Columbia.

What to expect

What amazing information will I see?

  • 4 Objective measurements of the TMJ's range of motion

  • Master landmarking and treating over 20 muscles of the scalp, mouth, jaw tongue and throat

  • How to suppress the gag reflex

  • Distinguish between a joint and muscular problem

  • Design homecare from 10 specific interventions

  • Help unlock the jaw

  • Talk to clients confidently about what is happening with their jaw

Live Class Outline

What to expect during the webinar

9:00am - 12:00pm
    Review of anatomy, physiology of motion and theory

12:00 - 1:00PM

1:00 - 4:00pm
    Review of hands-on "Patient" required

4:00 -5:00pm
    Review Home care
    Student Self-Assessment
    Student Assessment of Teaching

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Simply TMJ Online

  • 2

    Course Manual

    • Simply TMJ Manual

  • 3

    Introduction to Simply TMJ

    • Who treats TMJ

    • Symptoms and Cause

    • Intro quiz

  • 4

    TMJ in the Covid-19 World

    • Precautions and Using Gloves

  • 5

    Normal TMJ Anatomy

    • Normal TMJ

    • Structural Components of the TMJ

    • Normal Joint Function

    • Functional Anatomy of the TMJ quiz

  • 6


    • Centric Relation

    • Occlusion

    • Bruxism and Clenching

  • 7

    Abnormal TMJ Function

    • Internal Derangement of the Articular Disc

    • Further Joint Dysfunctions

    • TMJ Dysfunction quiz

  • 8

    Trauma to the TMJ

    • TMJ in Whiplash

  • 9

    Treatment Approaches

    • Approaches

    • History Taking

    • Treatment Flowchart

    • TMJ Disorders

  • 10

    Biopsychosocial Assessment

    • Biopsychosocial Assessment

    • Biopsychosocial Assessment PHQ-4

    • Biopsychosocial Assessment - GCPS

    • Biopsychosocial Assessment - Pain Drawing

    • Biopsychosocial Assessment - OBC

    • Biopsychosocial Assessment - JFLS - 8

  • 11


    • Body Posture

  • 12


    • Examination of the Joints

    • Examination of the Muscles

    • Jaw Tracking

    • Examination quiz

  • 13

    Measuring Devices

    • Different TMJ Measuring Devices

    • Using the TMJ TriMeasure

    • Using the TMJ TriMeasure - Opening

    • Using the TMJ TriMeasure - Protrusion

    • Using the TMJ TriMeasure - Laterotrusion

    • Using Range of Motion Scale - Opening

    • Using Range of Motion Scale - Laterotrusion

    • Using Range of Motion Scale - Protrusion

  • 14

    Cranial Fascia

    • Cranial Fascia

    • Occipitalis

    • Temporoparietalis

  • 15

    Suprahyoid and Infrahyoid Muscles

    • Overview of Hyoid Muscles

    • Suprahyoid Muscles

    • Infrahyoid Muscles

  • 16

    Mouth Muscles

    • Mouth Muscles

  • 17

    Sphenopalatine Ganglion

    • Stimulation of the Sphenopalatine Ganglion

    • Muscle quiz 1

  • 18

    Muscles of Mastication

    • Muscles of Mastication Overview

    • Temporalis Muscle

    • Masseter Muscle

    • Lateral Pterygoid Muscle

    • Medial Pterygoid Muscle

    • Muscle quiz 2

  • 19

    Soft Palate, Tongue and Throat

    • Overview and Considerations

    • Temple Tapping

    • Soft Palate

    • Tongue and Floor of Mouth

    • Throat Muscles

    • Muscle quiz 3

  • 20

    Active and Passive TMJ Mobilizations

    • Active Mobilizations

    • Passive Mobilizations

  • 21

    Home Care

    • Overview

    • Self Intervention

    • Somatic Therapy

    • Jaw Remedial Exercises

    • Mouth and Tongue Exercises (to stop gag reflex)

    • Healthy Tips & Things to Avoid

    • Food Schedule

    • Home Care quiz

  • 22


    • Muscle Actions

  • 23

    Webinar Recordings

    • Morning and Afternoon Webinar Recordings

  • 24

    ZOOM Meeting

  • 25

    Conclusion of Course

    • Closing Thoughts

    • Simply TMJ Student Self-assessment

    • Student Assessment of Teaching


  • What are the prerequisites?

    Before the live ZOOM webinar:

    • Read the manual
    • Watch the videos
    • Make a free ZOOM account
    • Update your ZOOM player before the class!
    • Have a "patient" for the live practical portion of the webinar.
  • How does online education work with Dynamic Therapies?

    We use a learning management system (LMS) to deliver all the currently taught content, video instructions and materials. For webinars the live portion will be through ZOOM.

  • Is this the same information in a face-to-face course?

    Yes, the material is the same. You will be able to view, download and print the course manual. The course has written descriptions as well as video content that you can review as much as you like for 1 year.

  • Is it hard to learn?

    You will be able to follow along and practice with the videos for the practical portions during the webinar. I recommend you view the videos prior to the live event. Your skills you have already acquired as a therapist will help you to perform the necessary palpation.

  • How long will I have access to the course content online?

    You will have access to all the course content for 1 year starting 2 weeks prior to the webinar. This includes the videos of procedures and the online manual. You are able to print the detailed manual to have beyond the 1 year date.

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy for Live Webinar Courses

    Terms and Conditions:
    Registration Information

    Prior to registering for a course, please read the Cancellation and Refund policies specific to that course. By submitting online registration and payment for continuing education courses, registrants are agreeing to the refund and cancellation policies for that course.

    FULL PAYMENT is required for registration

    Your space will ONLY be held once the Registration form & payments are received

    A $45 administrative fee is withheld for any refunds processed.

    Cancellations are accepted up until 15 days prior to the start of the webinar, minus a $45 administration fee.

    There will be NO REFUNDS within 14 days of the webinar.

    Robert Hackwood and Dynamic Therapies reserve the right to cancel any course due to insufficient participant demand or extenuating circumstances. In the event we must cancel a course, you may transfer to another course of equivalent value, or request a refund. While we will do everything possible to ensure participant satisfaction, our liability is limited to the tuition fee only.